E 030 – Dead Alive (Braindead) with guest Just Joe!

This week, Chaos and Carnage travel to a zoo in New Zealand where a Sumatran Rat Monkey is making life very hard for straight-laced Lionel, who has some biiiiiiig mother issues to get over. Before Lord of the Rings, this is the movie that put Peter Jackson on the map!

E 011 – The Cabin in the Woods with guests!

Chaos and Carnage are fully on the side of youth and anarchy in this week’s review of The Cabin in the Woods! Marty was a plant! Topics this week include the price of custom-built bongs and who probably ended up with it, all the amazing fandom crossovers you never knew were essential to your fanfic well being, which hosts and guests best fit the sacrificial archetypes, and of course, monsters. Lots. And lots. Of monsters. A glorious cavalcade of mayhem awaits!