E 018 – The Shining (1980) with all the guests!

Come podcast with us, friend. For-ever and ever, and ever. This week, Chaos and Carnage explore the Stanley Kubrick horror classic, The Shining, based of course on Stephen King’s novel, and once again we have guests! Catastrophe, Morpheus, Maverick and Gator are back and everyone has a different opinion about this movie! Plus more trivia than you can shake a Jack Nicholson at, including cast, the hotel itself, filming problems (and records), symbology in the movie, and Chaos’ special segment, Why Shelly Duvall as Wendy Torrence is Actually Awesome.

E 017 – A Tale of Two Sisters

Every podcast has its dark secrets… and this week, that means Chaos and Carnage are getting into the metaphorical head of the internationally acclaimed South Korean horror movie A Tale of Two Sisters! Join our hosts as they attempt some talk therapy over what the heck was going on in this beautiful, thoughtful, but very confusing film. Symbology, Korean folklore, Disassociative Identity Disorder (DID), and more trivia than you can tie up in a big sack and beat with a stick all await you, dear listener, in this our very seventeenth episode!

E 015 – Suburban Gothic

Chaos and Carnage lead an expedition into the horrifyingly mundane, aka suburbia, where the white upper middle class we’re all supposed to aspire to be has its seemingly serene surface pierced by the spirit world, who like to f**k s**t up! Richard Bates Jr. has fun poking at the hypocrisy of these communities and gives us a pair of unconventional heroes to unravel the mystery of exactly what was buried in Raymond’s parents’ back yard… and what it wants.

E 014 – Housebound

Chaos and Carnage are under house arrest this week as they talk the New Zealand flick, Housebound! With a cast of we don’t know them but they’re probably famous in New Zealand, Housebound has a lot more twists and turns than you’d expect from a whole movie that takes place almost entirely in one old house. It’s a horror/comedy that delivers on both fronts and the walls have eyes!

E 012 – Suspiria

It’s the Chaos pick of Suspiria by master of horror Dario Argento! Dance your way into dark, rainy nights and a candy cane nightmare of colorful, atmospheric suspense in this Giallo classic!