E 017 – A Tale of Two Sisters

Every podcast has its dark secrets… and this week, that means Chaos and Carnage are getting into the metaphorical head of the internationally acclaimed South Korean horror movie A Tale of Two Sisters! Join our hosts as they attempt some talk therapy over what the heck was going on in this beautiful, thoughtful, but very confusing film. Symbology, Korean folklore, Disassociative Identity Disorder (DID), and more trivia than you can tie up in a big sack and beat with a stick all await you, dear listener, in this our very seventeenth episode!

E 003 – Last Shift

Our dyspeptic duo talk the jump scare extraordinaire, Last Shift. Officer Loren is a rookie cop about to start her very first shift on the force – in an abandoned, haunted police station. But it’s the anniversary of her father’s murder and death of the demon-worshipping cult leader who killed him, and the surviving cultists – or maybe their demonic masters – or maybe officer Loren’s own demons – have decided to make her first shift her last.

E 002 – The Craft

Our dyspeptic duo talk the ’90s cult classic, The Craft. ’90s nostalgia, Gen X teen angst, some rather unconvincing Hollywood witchcraft and a star studded cast all come together in this supernatural horror movie where 4 teenage girls form friendships and a coven in order to do “real” magick – like look prettier, get boys to like them, and of course, homicide! Smells like teen spirit!