E 021 – Black Swan

This week, Chaos and Carnage put on their dancing shoes and plie into the psychological thriller, Black Swan!

E 020 – Final Destination

This week Chaos and Carnage are becoming Junior Airline Pilots, and the in flight movie is Take Me Home: The John Denver Story! Travel back in time to a pre-9/11 airport where a bunch of teenagers in their thirties are ready to meet their fate! Don’t fear the Reaper, but do grab your popcorn as Chaos and Carnage almost come to blows over Final Destination!

E 019 – The Thing (1982)

This Week, Chaos forces Carnage to watch the movie that terrified her as a tender four-year-old. That’s right, it’s finally time for John Carpenter’s The Thing! Join us to find out what has changed for Carnage in the decades between watches and for a whole boat load of trivia that you won’t have to go to¬†Antarctica¬†to get!

E 017 – A Tale of Two Sisters

Every podcast has its dark secrets… and this week, that means Chaos and Carnage are getting into the metaphorical head of the internationally acclaimed South Korean horror movie A Tale of Two Sisters! Join our hosts as they attempt some talk therapy over what the heck was going on in this beautiful, thoughtful, but very confusing film. Symbology, Korean folklore, Disassociative Identity Disorder (DID), and more trivia than you can tie up in a big sack and beat with a stick all await you, dear listener, in this our very seventeenth episode!

E 007 – The Village with guest Mama Chaos!

Chaos and Carnage flay open M. Night Shyamalan’s pastoral dystopia in The Village with guest, Mama Chaos! An all star cast fill out this gothic romance that is heavy on atmosphere but admittedly a little light on terror, and SPARKS FLY when our dyspeptic duo disagree on almost everything about this movie. Avoid the bad color and don’t go into the woods when you join them for an extra long special episode of horror and hilarity!