E 025 – Trollhunter

TROLL! This week, Chaos and Carnage grab their camcorder and boom mic and hitch a ride with a Troll Hunter! It’s a found footage faux-documentary from Norway about some college kids who try to get an interview with what they think is a bear poacher and instead discover that trolls exist! And they will eat you. Come join us for this imaginative creature feature with the usual dose of folklore, trivia, and weirdness from this Chaos pick!

E 023 – Let the Right One In

This week, don’t call them bloodsuckers! Chaos and Carnage sink their teeth into Let The Right One In (the Sweedish one, lovelies). 12 year old Oskar is a shy boy tormented by bullies day in and day out until the mysterious Eli appears. She’s not 12! She’s the reason people are turning up dead all over town! And she wants to take care of Oskar’s bullies, too, because they’re in luuuuuuurve… And you better believe things go awry. For everyone in Eli’s path.

E 004 – Byzantium

Our duo formerly known as dyspeptic talk the vampire movie I feel a twelve year old goth would have written, Byzantium.