E 028 – Friday the 13th

It’s the Season of the Slasher, horror fans! This week it’s time to return to that dangerous old summer camp you can’t believe you survived with Friday the 13th, aka Camp Crystal Lake! It’s the movie that taught us to beware helpful old ladies.

E 025 – Trollhunter

TROLL! This week, Chaos and Carnage grab their camcorder and boom mic and hitch a ride with a Troll Hunter! It’s a found footage faux-documentary from Norway about some college kids who try to get an interview with what they think is a bear poacher and instead discover that trolls exist! And they will eat you. Come join us for this imaginative creature feature with the usual dose of folklore, trivia, and weirdness from this Chaos pick!

E 019 – The Thing (1982)

This Week, Chaos forces Carnage to watch the movie that terrified her as a tender four-year-old. That’s right, it’s finally time for John Carpenter’s The Thing! Join us to find out what has changed for Carnage in the decades between watches and for a whole boat load of trivia that you won’t have to go to¬†Antarctica¬†to get!

E 014 – Housebound

Chaos and Carnage are under house arrest this week as they talk the New Zealand flick, Housebound! With a cast of we don’t know them but they’re probably famous in New Zealand, Housebound has a lot more twists and turns than you’d expect from a whole movie that takes place almost entirely in one old house. It’s a horror/comedy that delivers on both fronts and the walls have eyes!