E 027 – The Purge: Anarchy and Election Year

This week, Chaos and Carnage are again forced to answer the age-old (and by age-old we mean since 2005) question: To Purge, or not To Purge? EXCEPT THIS TIME WE ARE FINALLY OUT IN THE STREETS! Chaos gets her wish to see a Purge night in the city – but will she regret it?

E 015 – Suburban Gothic

Chaos and Carnage lead an expedition into the horrifyingly mundane, aka suburbia, where the white upper middle class we’re all supposed to aspire to be has its seemingly serene surface pierced by the spirit world, who like to f**k s**t up! Richard Bates Jr. has fun poking at the hypocrisy of these communities and gives us a pair of unconventional heroes to unravel the mystery of exactly what was buried in Raymond’s parents’ back yard… and what it wants.

E 013 – Trash Fire

This week, Chaos and Carnage dive into Trash Fire, which is aptly named because it describes the movie and occasionally this podcast – literally and figuratively –  but that’s the way they like it. Put on your best Sunday asbestos wear and come on down to scary town!

E 009 – P2

This week, Chaos and Carnage play a game of cat and mouse with P2, a horror movie, not a parking garage level they lost their car on that one time they went shopping. But it does take place in a parking garage, which Carnage thinks is something different, at least, but Chaos is not looking forward to this premise.

E 006 – Raze

This episode of They Mostly Podcast at Night, Chaos and Carnage fight their way through Raze, where Zoe Bell, stuntwoman extraordinaire and part cat, all kiwi, plays Sabrina, one of a few dozen women all kidnapped and held in underground cells, where they are forced to fight each other to the death, using only their own bodies and wits. No podcast could survive this!