E 030 – Dead Alive (Braindead) with guest Just Joe!

This week, Chaos and Carnage travel to a zoo in New Zealand where a Sumatran Rat Monkey is making life very hard for straight-laced Lionel, who has some biiiiiiig mother issues to get over. Before Lord of the Rings, this is the movie that put Peter Jackson on the map!

E 028 – Friday the 13th

It’s the Season of the Slasher, horror fans! This week it’s time to return to that dangerous old summer camp you can’t believe you survived with Friday the 13th, aka Camp Crystal Lake! It’s the movie that taught us to beware helpful old ladies.

E 027 – The Purge: Anarchy and Election Year

This week, Chaos and Carnage are again forced to answer the age-old (and by age-old we mean since 2005) question: To Purge, or not To Purge? EXCEPT THIS TIME WE ARE FINALLY OUT IN THE STREETS! Chaos gets her wish to see a Purge night in the city – but will she regret it?

E 026 – CARRIE (1976 & 2013 Special Double Bonus Episode with guest Maverick)

This week, our dyspeptic duo are joined by Maverick, designated Stephen King expert, in a SPECIAL HORROR DOUBLE FEATURE of both the original 1976 and remake 2013 CARRIE! We get back to high school and remember our own horribly awkward teenage years (with proms that resulted in less deaths, thankfully or unthankfully, no we’re kidding hey did we mention this show isn’t for kids?)