E 011 – The Cabin in the Woods with guests!

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Chaos and Carnage have come to tell you about a very special mission. They stand before your door and ring your bell. Through the small glass window, you see one strong looking lady and her beanied friend, who is chewing on a stack of pamphlets with pictures of stormy, turbulent seas and… lightning and shit.

The one in the beanie is wearing a black t-shirt covered in blood spatter that says, “Eat the Rude,” and the other, while quite nice-looking in her chiffon top with the red flowers, still has something frightening peeking out of her hazel eyes. You are uncertain about losing the nice, solid slab of oak and metal between you and these two, especially as the one starts pressing a tattered pamphlet up against the glass of your door.

“Excuse me,” you hear a voice, but all you can see now is the pamphlet, and pictures of strange, underwater stone dwellings, “but do you have a moment to talk today about our Lord and Savior, C’thulhu?”

Chaos and Carnage are fully on the side of youth and anarchy in this week’s review of The Cabin in the Woods! Marty was a plant! They are joined again by Catastrophe, who has never seen this movie before (and we were all so excited to share that with her), as well as Morpheus, who… uh… well… he lists two of his three favorite hobbies as sleeping. But his third is TALKING so he brings that to the table. Topics this week include the price of custom-built bongs and who probably ended up with it, all the amazing fandom crossovers you never knew were essential to your fanfic well being, which hosts and guests best fit the sacrificial archetypes, and of course, monsters. Lots. And lots. Of monsters. A glorious cavalcade of mayhem awaits!

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