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Note: Can you believe how ineffective this movie’s title is? “P2” are you serious? When I was editing the sound files, I kept accidentally naming this jerk movie the wrong name. I kept calling it P3 everywhere in the copy. I hate this movie. For the title alone. How bad is your movie’s title when it’s so f—-ing unmemorable?! Movie Titles 101: Don’t name your f—-ing movie “P2” because that is f—ing terrible. 

This week, Chaos and Carnage play a game of cat and mouse with P2, a horror movie, not a parking garage level they lost their car on that one time they went shopping. But it does take place in a parking garage, which Carnage thinks is something different, at least, but Chaos is not looking forward to this premise, which not only squicks her, but is so overdone.

Get hopelessly lost in a concrete world where even a high powered executive is just a mannequin in a Marylin Monroe dress to a coked up parking attendant complete with the scary dog character that actually feels insulting to dogs. What the actual f***? Strap into your seat for yet another man-preys-on-woman horror movie and try not to end up in a wreck over P2.

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