E 008 – Aliens – The Halloween at Xmas Episode with Just Joe!

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***Due to unforseen circumstances including illness and general holiday madness, we apologize we were unable to deliver this Halloween at Xmas episode at Christmastime and it’s now become a Halloween at New Years situation… but every day should be Halloween!***

This week on They Mostly Podcast at Night with Chaos and Carnage, our hosts have a very special guest star on – it’s our dear friend Joe, come to talk to us about the best movie ever, Aliens!

Sigourney Weaver stars as Ripley in this second installment of the Alien franchise, and we’re not going to sum up the plot because hello, everyone knows what Aliens is about. There is markedly less conflict than usual in this episode, mainly because everybody loves this movie, but we are eager to tell you why! Topics include practical effects versus CGI, Sigourney Weaver’s reported feelings about her character’s story, disastrous sequels that shall not be named, director’s cuts, cast commentary, and trivia galore! Listen, won’t you?

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