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Our dyspeptic duo talk the jump scare extraordinaire, Last Shift. Officer Loren is a rookie cop about to start her very first shift on the force – in an abandoned, haunted as fuck police station.

Instructed to not leave the police station for ANYTHING so she doesn’t miss HazMat’s arrival, who are of course going to be late, she’s stationed at reception and told it should be a quiet night. All the calls are rerouted to the shiny and new police station down the street where the rest of the force is living it up in style. But on the anniversary of her father’s murder and the death of the cult leader who killed them, the surviving cultists – or perhaps their demonic masters – are going to have a party too. Is the nightmare real, or is it all in her head? Mothers take note: This movie proves you are always right. Number 64 whoops no Chaos and Carnage agree.

Last Shift is currently streaming on Netflix

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