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The Reverse Plastics: an image of the teenage coven from the craft leaning against a wall with "You can't sit with us" superimposed over top

Our dyspeptic duo talk the ’90s cult classic, The Craft. ’90s nostalgia, Gen X teen angst, some rather unconvincing Hollywood witchcraft and a star studded cast all come together in this fun yet silly supernatural horror movie where four teenage girls form friendships and a coven in order to do “real” magick – like looking prettier, getting boys to like them, and of course, homicide! Smells like teen spirit!

Text "By Manon!" over a picture of the Speed Stick deodorant by Mennen

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Fairuza Balk did buy an occult store when researching for the movie, but has said that she is not and never was a witch. Which to be honest makes more sense because seriously people. The Craft is about as far away from real Witchcraft as you can get. Take it from an ex-Wiccan.

A WikiHow article on How to Become Wiccan. What just because it’s esoteric old-world spiritualism it can’t have a step by step guide? No, just kidding. If you’re interested in Wicca, go read a book. Scott Cunningham is a great author for getting started. Better yet, go up to the freakiest misfits in your high school and ask if their coven has any openings. Stands to reason that should work, right?

Love Spit Love – “How Soon is Now?”

the four girls from the craft stand outside a bus peering in at the driver who is warning them to watch out for those weirdos. "We are the weirdos, mister," Nancy replies, grinning at him over her sunglassess.

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