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Our dyspeptic duo talk the hysterical horror/comedy Tucker and Dale vs Evil! A favorite of both Chaos and Carnage, who have a deep love of merging mirth with murder, our hosts discuss this send up of horror movie tropes, their favorite deaths, the wonderful cast, kids hucking themselves into wood chippers, and Chads named Chad.

Tucker (Alan Tudyk, Firefly, Con Man, Dodgeball) and Dale (Tyler Labine, Reaper, Deadbeat, The Boss) are two good-natured hillbillies who have just purchased a vacation home up on the lake and are headed up to start fixing it up. They stop for beer and pickled eggs, where they run into a group of preppy college kids on their way up to the lake on a camping trip, and simply by their rustic appearance have the kids convinced they must be creepy ne’er do wells. Well, you can never be too careful, right? Up at the lake, the kids go skinny dipping and Allison falls and hits her head. When Tucker and Dale come to the rescue and try to reunite her with her friends, the college kids flee in a panic, thinking she has just been kidnapped. They want to go for help, but Chad has other ideas. You see, thirty years ago, in these very woods, the Memorial Day Massacre happened…

animated gif of blood covered Tucker and Dale trying to explain themselves to a cop.

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Tucker and Dale standing in front of the wood chipper holding onto the feet of half a guy

Tucker tells Dale

Chloe uses her compact mirror to check her makeup and finds her face covered in blood